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                                                                  Piano Lessons

       Mary Jane fell in love with the piano when she was six years old. Her father was her first teacher.

     She has been a piano instructor for over twenty- five years. She offers private and group instruction for children and adults at all levels. She truly enjoys sharing her love for the instrument with others.

       Mary Jane has worked in various aspects of education. She has been a classroom teacher, a reading resource teacher, and has worked in special education. While working in the Fairfax County, VA  school system, she was presented with a Human Relations award. She also spent several years creating reading skills packages. These were published by Media Materials, Inc. and were used in schools across the country.

      For further information, please call 703-430-0166.

       The background music which you are hearing is the Maple Leaf Rag. The rendition you are listening to was both composed and played by Scott Joplin's own hands and recorded on a piano roll in 1916. These rolls were meant to be played on an old fashioned piano-roll piano. Mr. Warren Trachtman converted this piano roll to an mp3 file. Many of his preserved rag time roll pieces can be heard at